How long have I been natural?

On and off since 2006. I texturized twice in 2007 and 2008. Cut off the last of the texturized ends in 2010

My hair type?

Type 4 (I believe 4c), fine strands, medium density, high porosity, coily strands like tiny pen coils at the back, a tad looser in front

Why did I decide to go natural?

-relaxers hurt no matter how mild

-hair thinned and never got past chin/neck length.

What are my experiences being natural?

My experiences being natural are an entire post on their own. In a nutshell, my natural hair has been healthier than my permed hair so I have kept at this journey. But overall I have struggled with accepting my texture, being a product junkie and poor length retention. Most of my yrs of being natural, I was stuck in a rut of 6-8 inches, (which takes some people less than a year to achieve). 2013-2014 I made it to 10-11 inches thanks to changes in technique I believe. Incorporating  more frequent steaming/deep conditioning, protein treatments and protective styling helped the most


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