The story of a wash and go

So I discovered a new YouTuber that was Nigerian and she had a defined wash and go without gel and I just had to try it. I had sworn off wash and gos after my daliance with the max hydration method. Too many steps and too much manipulation for my fine, low density strands. However, sometimes one gets bored with the “twists” life. I went through a lot of post partum shedding and still trying to recover from it, so this might not be the best time to bring wash and gos back but YOLO.

So prior to wash day if you want to try this technique..I recommend that you do a test run on a small section of hair with all the creamy products you own, to know which product would actually help enhance your curl. I have a number of creams #productjunkie and quickly learnt that they are not all equal. So these are the ones I tried:

And the winner was…..

I don’t understand what it is about this butter that softens and defines my hair. I keep trying to get rid of it because it contains some medium level silicones but somehow I end up coming back. I got my hands on the mane choice moringa moisturizer for my next go around that Lewa used in her YouTube video; but I wouldn’t be surprised if that doesn’t work for me and I have to continue the tgin butter cream.

Here is the link to her tutorial and steps:

Any how some of the perks of this wash and go technique so far are:

-no sleeping with drippies and wet hair since styled on lightly damp practically dry hair.

-The hair is softer but with some hold because it is cream and not gel defined.

-I have had to manipulate it like 3 times and it hasn’t ruined the definition. I have had to do this because TGIN butter cream can leave some residue when you use a significant amount so the next day I had to smooth and rake through the hair again to try to get the product to sink in.

At night I slept with hair in a high bun and spritzed the mane choice restorative hair spray that she used in the video the next morning. But for tonight I am going to try a low bun or two to give some stretch. The shrinkage is real as you can see from pics below. I will let you know on my next wash day if I had more tangles than usual.

Day 2:


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